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Healthy Herbs for Cats and Dogs

We know the importance of herbs. They’re a simply way to add big flavor to meals, and without them many of favorite foods just wouldn’t have the desired taste. The same benefits from herbs also apply to our pets. Some of the most common ones we use not only taste great to our dogs and cats but provide abundant health benefits (and extra fresh breath!). Add a little green to your pet’s diet:

Antioxidant, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties. High in beta-carotene, vitamins A, B6, C, E, K, and very high in calcium.

Boasts antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-diabetic properties, and good for heart and brain. It contains vitamin A, amino acids, calcium, fiber, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin, thiamine, and zinc. High in antioxidant flavonoids kaempferol and vicenin; effective as digestive aid to help ease gas and constipation issues.

Good source of flavonoids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins A, C, and K, lycopene, iron, and carotenes. Effective as breath freshener and aids in reducing pain from gas, nausea, cramping, arthritis, and urinary tract infections.

Note: Spring parsley is toxic to dogs and cats, as are parsley seeds in high doses; be careful when feeding.

High in antioxidants, chlorophyll, fiber, and flavonoids. It can help with arthritis, controlling body odor, digestive problems, diarrhea, gas, upper respiratory disease, and Lyme and other tickborne diseases. Contains antimicrobial properties that promote internal cleansing of toxins and external flushing of bacteria in wounds, and is an immune system booster.

Oil of Oregano
Considered to powerfully anti-fungal and helps with bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, candida, salmonella, giardia, and E. coli; also effective de-wormer.

Note: Very important to dilute pure oil of oregano with something like olive oil or coconut oil. Check with vet to confirm amount.

High in vitamin B6, calcium, and iron. Contains antioxidants, has antimicrobial properties, and helps to prevent muscle spasms. Effective for repelling fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and other annoying pests, especially if you use rosemary “tea” as a rinse over your pet’s fur (bonus: her coat will look extra glossy and shiny!). Do make sure to limit the amount of rosemary you feed your pet, as large amounts can cause stomach upset.

Good for digestion, including reducing symptoms of stomach aches, gas, and nausea. Positive results have also been reported when used with dogs undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. Highly effective as natural breath freshener.

Note: Extremely high intake levels may negatively affect your dog’s kidney or liver. Check with veterinarian for correct doses.


1. Cats are carnivores and do not need many of nutritional values offered in herbs mentioned above; but many will eat them because they like flavor. Cats use greens to aid in digestion and elimination of hairballs; don’t be alarmed if kitty throws up after eating—it may be good thing!

2. Concentrated oils and some tinctures are more potent than fresh or dried herbs, so be sure to follow guidelines on the bottle or check with your veterinarian on how to safely administer to your pet.

3. Dried herbs lose their potency over time. Check expiration dates before use.

4. When cooking, baking, or making pet food, herbs are excellent addition to most recipes to add flavor and increase nutritional value.

5. Most herbs can be sprinkled directly over food or steeped as “tea” to add to water bowls, recipes, and on top of kibble or other food.

6. If sprinkling on food, use following approximate serving guide*:

• Dogs under 10 pounds: small pinch
• Dogs 10-20 pounds: big pinch
• Dogs 20-50 pounds: up to 1 teaspoon
• Dogs 50-100 pounds: up to 2 teaspoons
• Dogs more than 100 pounds: up to 1 tablespoon

*These guidelines are for dried herbs. Double or triple these amounts if you’re using fresh herbs.

Editor’s Note: Before adding anything to your pet’s diet, be sure to check with your veterinarian to be sure that it is a good fit for your specific pet, especially if she is pregnant or nursing.

SandyRobinsOnLine gives Tailored Dog “MUST HAVE” Seal of Approval!


Believe it or not, it rained a lot this past winter in southern California. So it was fortuitous that the testing team got a raincoat and visor to test from The Tailored Dog.

The lightweight waterproof fabric ( similar to Gore-Tex) also proved to be ideal as a windbreaker in dry but chilly weather.

The lucky tester was Kona who generally speaking is not too keen to go outside if the weather is wet and windy. (See her expression above!) But this outfit got her out the door!!

I have seen a lot of raincoats but the design and fit of the Raincoat Supreme is the best we have seen. It’s not only the way the straps sit and Velcro closed around the body, but the coat itself has toggles so that you can adjust the length for an absolute perfect fit. It took designer Rita Green three-and-a-half years to perfect her design and she certainly got it right.

The visor, named the Visor in Vogue, is also extremely well designed and adjustable. Kona was not too keen to wear it ,(hence another model above), but hopefully in time she will be more accepting because canine canine ophthalmologists believe that visors provide extra eye protection and help prevent the formation of age related cataracts. So it’s ideal for sunny days too.

The Raincoat Supreme comes in fire engine red and bright yellow, two colors that are extremely flattering to all dogs. It also comes with what Green calls a “Audrey Hepburnesque Bow” to add a bit of fashion flair.

The raincoat gets the Must Have Stamp of Approval because its design/cut is so adjustable to suit dogs for all shapes and sizes and gets compliments for the doggie wearer all the time.

Sandy Robins Online – Must Have Pet Item Seal of ApprovalThe Must Have Stamp of Approval is based on my personal opinion and the test experiences of the Reigning Cats and Dogs product testers as well as my personal knowledge of the product category. The Must Have Stamp of Approval is designed to advise pet parents on products that will in some way improve their pet’s health and well being, or, their own experiences as a pet parent.

Manufacturers are welcome to submit information and samples of new and innovative products for testing. The product testing team consists of dogs and cats of different temperaments and activity levels etc in an attempt to cover a lot of bases and produce worthwhile reviews. The team loves what they do and get to keep the products so they can show off to their friends and further spread the word. 

Ranger and his new convertible!

Ranger’s eyes are protected when driving his new convertible!  The Visor in Vogue protects his eyes from the sun and even from the glare of late night lights!  It is manufactured from waterproof, lightweight and breathable fabric and when hand washed looks like new.

It has a companion piece, the Raincoat Supreme.  When combined, the Raincoat Supreme Ensemble provides the ultimate in foul weather gear.  The line for HER even has available Tailored Dog’s exclusive Audrey Hepburnesque Bow which can be attached to either the Visor in Vogue or Raincoat Supreme.d

The Raincoat Supreme Ensemble is protective, luxurious and fashion forward!  It is designed for the discriminating buyer!  Available on-line:

Monk’s eyes are compromised by his breed; Visor in Vogue to the rescue!



Visor in Vogue to the rescue!   Monk is a rare breed; a Peruvian Inca Orchid! There are only about 800 of them in the United States. According to the FCI breed standard, the most important aspect of its appearance is its hairlessness. The dog may have short hair on top of its head, on its feet, and on the tip of its tail. In Peru, breeders tend to prefer completely hairless dogs; just like Monk! The full-coated variety is disqualified from conformation showing. The color of skin can be chocolate-brown, elephant grey, copper, or mottled. They can be totally one color or one color with tongue pink spots. Albinism is not allowed. The eye color is linked to the skin color. It is always brown, but dogs with light colors can have clearer eyes than darker-skinned dogs.

Protection against sunlight is recommended on lightly colored/white dogs. Even though Monk is a darker color his eyes are still sensitive to the sunlight. His new Visor in Vogue in Fire Engine Red helps provide him the critical protection to extend eyesight as he ages.

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Raincoat Supreme Ensemble in the news and in print!!

Tailored Dog’s Raincoat Supreme Ensemble is making news in print!  inWeston Magazine featured Tailored Dog and showcased Ranger modeling the Raincoat Supreme Ensemble.  They highlighted the value and benefits of a dog wearing a Visor in Vogue.  February, 2017 issue, page 46!!

We are excited to make our designs available so dogs’ eyes can be protected and, by doing so, hopefully prevent age-related cataracts.  Whether it is sunshine or snow glare, dogs’ eyes are vulnerable just like ours.  While offering the needed protection, Tailored Dog’s collection is fashionable and chic!  The line for HER even features the exclusive Audrey Hepburnesque Bow (sold separately)  which can be attached to either the Visor in Vogue or Raincoat Supreme !!

The waterproof, lightweight and breathable fabric make the collection extra appealing.  It is also easy to put-on and remove; no sleeves to agitate a best friend!  The Raincoat Supreme has 4 adjustments and a TailGuard to guarantee the garment hugs the body and in all of the right places!  The collection is hand washable and easy to fold and carry in a purse or small bag.

If a dog has an intimidating appearance/presence, wearing the Raincoat Supreme Ensemble can diffuse a stereotype and encourage friendly encounters. The ensemble most often generates smiles, no matter the size or breed of dog!

The Visor in Vogue’s extended brim differentiates it from other products and provides head and eye protection in various weather conditions. Dogs are often as uncomfortable when rain is pelting their eyes as they are when blinking in the bright sunlight.  Please read Dr. Robert Swinger’s comments on the About Us page for more information.

The collection is designed for a caring and discriminating doggy owner.  Canine Couture and protection at its finest and BRED in the USA!  Please “like” us on our social media sites, as well.  Tailored Dog on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest….


Size does NOT matter! Leo is smashing in his Slicker Yellow Raincoat Supreme!


Hi, it’s me, again….Ranger, out to prove size does not matter!  Tailored Dog’s Yellow Slicker Raincoat Supreme was the just right choice for Leo, a very handsome BIG guy who “recently moved from the Windy City to the Portland, Maine countryside. He asked his parents for some ‘does the job’ gear, suitable in his new land of ‘penetrating’ rain or snow. Leo’s additional request – “Make sure I’m not mistaken for a lobsterman just in from a stormy day at sea”. While his stoic look might mislead you, Leo loves his canine yellow ‘slicker’… a lot!”

With his short hair, Leo’s Raincoat Supreme can even provide protection in the snow because it is waterproof and constructed from such a versatile fabric….waterproof, lightweight and breathable.  Since he probably travels country roads, the reflective tape on each side of his coat will certainly identify him as a backroad walker and help to keep him safe on those dark nights.

Even with his bold chest, the exclusive Raincoat Supreme adjustable chest bands hug his body in all of the right places!  The chest bands, unique to Tailored Dog’s collection, prevent slippage and hold the garment exactly where it belongs…on Leo’s back!  Leo also appreciates the ease with which his Raincoat Supreme goes on.  There are no sleeves that require  dangerous leg contortions or cumbersome openings where his head has to navigate through an opening.  Securing the Raincoat Supreme is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and 4  (neck, girth, chest and length)….and just for good measure 5…the TailGuard!!

No doubt, being the new guy on the “block”, Leo will be certain to make a real fashion statement in his new hood!  Enjoy your Raincoat Supreme and your new digs, Leo.  We’re certain Chicago will miss you!

The Raincoat Supreme is available in 3 adjustable sizes; S, M and L. If these sizes don’t fit your dog, we will be happy to add sizes (if there is enough demand) and/or customize any size (please allow extra time and an up charge).

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Raincoat Supreme; protective, luxurious and chic!

Ranger here!

Reo sent us photos modeling her new Raincoat Supreme; waterproof, lightweight and breathable in Fire Engine Red; part of the newly designed Tailored Dog Designer Collection. It features 4 adjustments; neck, girth, body length and chest.  It also has a Tailguard which provides stability so the garment does not shift from side to side. Available in Slicker Yellow in sizes S, M and L, Reo is wearing a size Small (just so you can get an idea of the sizing.  She weighs about 12 lbs.)

The Raincoat Supreme is ideal for urban dwellers who have no choice but to accept  the elements!  When it rains it rains and when a dog has “to go” it has “to go”!  There are no choices in either circumstance!  So, why not make it the most pleasant experience?  That is why we designed the Raincoat Supreme and complementary Visor in Vogue; both luxurious, waterproof and chic!

I’m so fortunate because, being co-President and lead model for Tailored Dog, I have a complete wardrobe.  I think people I meet regularly actually keep score of what I wear on a daily basis because I generally hear comments like, “Oh, Ranger is wearing his red ensemble today or he is wearing his yellow ensemble today”!  At least, I’m noticed and loved 👀💙!

We are so proud the collection is BRED in the USA!  It wasn’t any easy task finding the perfect manufacturer who would take pride  in producing a human grade quality collection.  It took us as long to find that manufacturer as it did to design the collection…. 3 1/2 YEARS!  That really makes the collection extra special and we are so excited with the outcome!  You will be, too!

Reo modeling her Raincoat Supreme; waterproof, lightweight and breathable. The Tailored Dog exclusive chest bands prevent the Raincoat Supreme from sliding from side to side. No sleeves to negotiate; just lay raincoat on back and attach adjustment pieces. Notice how the garment hugs Roe’s body.BRED in the USA!