Rain and Shine Canine Protection…….

puma-at-tailored-dog-modeling-star-visorIt was a bright sunny July day when five-year-old Puma, a Chow-Chow/Golden Retriever mix, and Rita walked home from the shelter where Puma had been a resident. Sunglasses and a visor brim protected Rita’s eyes from the strong UV rays, while Puma squinted on the way to her new home.

At the time, Puma weighed about 99 lbs. and, as such, was classified as a BIG DOG…..and a beautiful blonde one at that!  To assure Puma’s eyes were protected from the sun on future walks, Rita spent months searching for a quality product; going from retail storefronts to on-line boutiques, buying and ordering, each product proving less effective than the last.

“Necessity being the Mother of Invention” was the most plausible explanation for the birth of Tailored Dog and the only reasonable possibility for protecting Puma’s eyes.

What resulted was a collection of protective apparel for BIG DOGS designed by Rita and manufactured by a wonderful partner, The Chicago Association of Retarded Citizens (now Envision), at one of their sheltered workshops. Unfortunately, after six months, the shelter lost its funding and was forced to close; and, so did Tailored Dog.

Ranger-dog-behind-tailored-dogFast-forward four years, Rita lost Puma to liver cancer and a five-year-old Corgi named Ranger, also a shelter resident (history does repeat itself), moved in with Rita!  On a bright sunny August day when Rita and Ranger were walking, Ranger, much like Puma, began to squint.  Because size does matter, Puma’s custom protective apparel was not sized to fit Ranger!

As with Puma, finding quality protective apparel for Ranger was challenging, if not impossible.  So, Rita and Ranger spent the next 3 ½ years redesigning Tailored Dog’s collection and identifying a USA manufacturer who could/would produce a quality product.  Their efforts have resulted in the luxurious and protective rain and shine Tailored Dog collection; now available for multiple sized dogs.

RIP Puma! We love and miss you and hope your memory is sustained every time a dog is fortunate enough to wear a Visor in Vogue and a Raincoat Supreme…….

Canine Ophthalmologist Recommended…….

Dr. Robert Swinger, Canine Ophthalmologist

Rita and Ranger embrace the axiom:  Dogs deserve protection they cannot provide for themselves.  For years, Rita has contended dogs that spend time in the sun require visors to provide extra eye protection and when out in the rain deserve well-designed raincoats to prevent wet coats and the inevitable wet odor!

Dr. Robert Swinger, a renowned Canine Ophthalmologist, agrees a visor provides extra eye protection and helps prevent formation of age related cataracts.

“Preventing excessive UV light exposure may be beneficial in preventing ocular damage, most notably keratitis (corneal inflammation) and cataract formation. UV exposure in light colored animals has been connected to eyelid and conjunctival cancers. Cataract formation is believed to be associated with oxidative damage associated with UV exposure. Aside from overt diseases, limiting dogs from excessive sunlight can also be comforting. As dogs age, they can develop iris atrophy, a condition when muscles of the iris no longer constrict the pupil completely in sunlight. This can cause photophobia and be uncomfortable, making them very light sensitive. Products such as the Visor in Vogue are beneficial for many of these conditions. Visors are a great way to prevent excessive sunlight damage to the eye and are often quite comfortable for our pets. Limiting excessive sunlight exposure, and thus limiting UV oxidative stress, is good medicine for our pet’s eyes”.
– Robert Swinger, DVM, Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists, Owner/Medical Director of Animal Eye Guys of South Floridaanimaleyeguys.com

Rita and Ranger are so exited to make the Visor in Vogue and the Raincoat Supreme available to all loving and caring doggy parents who want the most elegant, unique, chic and purposefully designed protective wear for their four-legged family members!  And, they are proud the collection is BRED in the USA!